Kaileigh McCrea is a debauched elf who hangs around at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York. She was created when lightning struck a pizza place, in a small town in the Grapes of Wrath part of Northern California. She grew up doing fiddle competitions, dressage, swim team, writing classes through Stanford's EPGY Program, solving TV murder mysteries through their editing choices alone, and community theatre. She is an alumnus of UC Berkeley and The Upright Citizens Brigade Training Center's core improv program in New York. She has also studied at The Magnet Training Center, The Annoyance Training Center in New York, and The Jazz School. 

She likes improv, cheese, whiskey, coffee, and eating breakfast several times a day. She writes things and usually finishes them. She dislikes sharks, wearing shoes, being patient, waking up early, and especially sharp kitten teeth. She once spent a year in Africa (Ghana, Egypt and South Africa), and came back with remarkably little insight into the world, but she did almost get a nice award for a research paper she wrote.